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Rainbow cake I made for Pree’s birthday :)
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Over this whole sitch with beating Rihanna. It’s coming on my Tumblr, my Facebook, my Twitter, Hell the news still gives it coverage.

I wholeheartedly consider myself a feminist, and I think violence against women is absolutely disgusting, but seriously, if Chris Brown had done this to another man, the world would think “what an asshole” and move the fuck on.

How can we have equality when we are continuously teaching the world that women are delicate and need to be put on this pedestal and Heaven forbid you ever hit one because you’ll be condemned forever?

I KNOW that physically women are the “weaker” sex, but I don’t think that justifies the gross inequalities when it comes to judging violence between a man and a man, a man and a woman or a woman and another woman.

What if Rihanna hit Chris Brown? Sure, maybe she’d get the reputation as a bitch for a little while but that would slide. Women slap men all the time, but if a man were to gently slap a woman (not causing any damage at all) he would be crucified by society!!

I don’t condone abusing women in the SLIGHTEST but I do think the emphasis put on violence against women as opposed to violence in general is wrong and a ginormous hypocrisy for the “equality” we as women are supposedly standing for.

Violence, regardless of its form, should not be tolerated at all.

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ICING ON THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wand is 13 and 1/4 inches, sycamore with a phoenix feather core, unyielding

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